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Automotive Data Analysis & Reporting

GLOWINT’s Data Analysis & Reporting product goes beyond the capabilities anyone can offer because of the access to in-country Data we have.

Our in-country consultants are thereby able to provide advanced answers to your needs.  

The future of electric driver-trains and mobility solutions.

The definition of the car is ever-changing. Automotive solutions from GLOWINT, account for data science, technology, and a global network to provide information, visions, and advisory solutions across the entire Automotive supply change.

Most of us enjoy analyzing in easy-to-read available formats. But most undeveloped markets do not have Consolidated Data. With a global growth in the automotive sector and the average vehicle in first world markets now being at around 11.5 years, market opportunities in the Automotive Aftermarket have never been better. Focused in the International Market, GLOWINT can provide a boutique approach to your data analysis requirements. Gaining access to ACES and TecDoc data in most developed markets is rather easy. Gathering data for others is a different world.

GLOWINT has successful business cases across the entire spectrum of the automotive industry. From crafting and implementing the strategy to re-launch an automotive brand. When a subsidiary of H.I.G. Capital, Latin America’s largest Automotive and Heavy-Duty filter manufacturer TECFIL desired to enter the United States market, GLOWINT cross-reference a catalog of thousands of parts to US specs. Success was achieved in three weeks without an existing data base between Brazil and United States

Component Manufacturers come to us to assist them with demands for data that that require research, accompanied by reports that offer quality and accuracy. Our global expertise and in country assets can supply you with valuable market intelligence to assist in your growth.

If you have any challenge which requires the benefit from an external perspective or need analysis to support your operation.

Our approach is unique. It is always catered to your requirements instead of using cookie cut research. 

Component Manufacturers and Distributors use us to:


Looking to increase sales, find new trends, benchmark your organization, integrate complex data, or find out your brand advantages in the market place. We are here to help.

Product Strategy & Planning

Being quick in adapting to new technologies, new vehicle platforms, and consolidation require effective vision and implementation techniques to positively impact sales and revenues. We hold hands with our customers and locate data even when it’s not already available. To locate those opportunities before your competitors, you must stay ahead of the curve.


Research and Understand
vehicle market make-up

Vehicle report by
program codes and platform

VIO Present and Forecast

We gather the data you are looking for to make better decisions for growth

Data Market Coverage

OEM Program, platform and code visibility

ACES and TecDoc standards and equivalents

Commercial delivery

Production and Component forecasts

Program, platform and plant visibility


We are proven lifestyle branding growth partners. We can help guide, design, and set measurable goals, that jump start the growth you want!


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