We know that CEO’s and business owners focus on Innovation, Marketing, and bottom line. For many companies, a few customers represent more than 50% of their business, this can be a scary scenario. When you hire one of our outsourced VP of Sales, you get the benefits of proven Fortune 500 VP and Start-up success at a fraction of the cost.

Our outsourced VP of Sales flip your sales force state of mind, create foundation, reformulate organization state while implementing sales strategies, and increase the quality of your sales funnel. If you intend to win, you cannot fall in love with your product and service, these must generally change and evolve. Falling in love with the ideal client and how you serve them provides for the winning strategy.

By coming in with an open mind and fresh view, your outsourced VP of Sales will wear your company shirt, embed in your culture, and guide you to success. We know, that when you come from your heart, anything is possible. Invest in your team and rip the rewards.

When UAC, a Colombian University with a campus in Miami felt stranded by an inability to penetrate Miami market, GLOWINT’s Outsourced Vice President of Sales crafted and implemented the Change in Management plan. Recruitment of Academic Staff with experience at prestigious organizations, partnerships with key stake-holders, a hyper-focus on becoming Miami’s best business school, coupled Digital Marketing implementation crafted parameters for the future.