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Change in Management

Organizations that change their state of mind and unlock human potential

Leadership in organizations believe that technology is the answer to most problems; yet this is just one aspect to business growth with state of human capital, innovation and marketing playing equal or more important roles.

At the core of our product is merging connected and intelligent technologies to alter the course of industry and service organizations. GLOWINT uses an advanced technology proposition to re-invent your company culture and its products from traditional design, manufacturing and service offering to breakthrough growth. The result is a new state of company mind, operational efficacy, and evolution-based growth.


Identify your organizations soul after identifying who the brand is and what it wants to become. Creative data is quantified and matched with the brands current reality. The outcome is turned into an artistic state which bring body to the new movement and finalized with actionable propositions.


Generating an incentive-based structure that is inclusive and allow your employees to grow as the vision is established as a top pillar in corporate direction. Organizations have limited resources. After understanding where your organization is and brand potential, we support as your partners in leading implementation.


Our model provides leadership in organizations with the advantage of data science and artificial intelligence AI. Leverage our expertise gained form work with CEO’s, Investors, Board Members, and Start-Up leaders to change your company’s state of mind, grow, and become more profitable in a technology driven era.


Feeling stuck? Most companies find that achieving initial growth is challenging, yet fun. Growth at some point plateaus while business expenses rise. The organization becomes product based and sales slack. Quick action is required at this stage. This is where many fail to seek the help they need.

We help you determine new courses of action, what to eliminate, and keep doing to bring life and new brand loyalty to your organization without losing core values.


Did you know that only 13% of companies understand the holistic value of their digital assets? Traditional industries are rapidly transforming toward personalized experiences, products, and services with AI adoption. We work to help you identify and create growth opportunities, change company culture, and evaluate requirements to take advantage of opportunities.

Reproductive Design

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Reproductive Design transforms engineering design into a complex yet effortless collaboration between computer and engineer.

Next-Gen Engineering

Initiating with business significance proposition

Ideas are given shape and turned into measured actionable items providing support and guidance to implement.


A successful online digital presence is at the core of creating a successful lifestyle brand in most organizations. It is exactly where many organizations fail without knowing why sales slack, especially with the 40 and younger demographic. We develop plans to build brand followers, convert visitors to consumers, measuring loyalty as a pillar of success. Our Digital Footprint Services include.


Opportunities in emerging markets are huge, ripping rewards from your efforts can put a lot of stress on your organization. Research tells us Corporate Executives continue to have confidence in the BRIC countries. In fact, those same executives feel Brazil, India, and China are expected to experience more than 20% in growth in those countries over the coming years.


Companies with operations in emerging markets are more likely to exceed their sales revenues. By chartering a feasible plant to establish profitable brand presence in the global world, companies of Fortune 500 and Start-Up organizations to successfully grow in the international arena.

We can help you charter a feasible plan to establish profitable brand presence in such space.


We are proven lifestyle branding growth partners. We can help guide, design, and set measurable goals, that jump start the growth you want!


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