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Data Science & Analytics

Enablers of correct decisions making by engaging with data that you may be surprised, you had.

The most probably scenario is that loads of data exist around your organization, and if you are implementing Artificial Intelligence AI into your processes and marketing, you are likely to have lots more of unused resources. We know that AI is only as smart as the visions that work it. GLOWINT crafts solutions with human capital and immersive technologies for your industry and goals. Our objective is to give you clear and concise dynamics to ensure success in today’s complex market. Using qualitative and quantitative approaches, GLOWINT offers actionable information and continuous support to deliver enhanced growth.

We offer customized Quantitative, Qualitative, Brand Identity, and Rush Delivery Capabilities for all types of scenarios in the following industries:

Automotive Data Analysis & Reporting

Glowint is very pragmatic about the implementation of a lean management in most organizations of all sizes, no matter what the industry is.

Consumer Products

Organizations in the consumer goods sector must always be at the forefront of innovation. Understanding dynamics generated by multifaceted.

Insurance Risk Management & Consulting

Many times, organizations have very particular needs which may be hard to address unless you have thorough knowledge of commercial policies.

Lean Management

Today’s highly complex and competitive market, Lean Management has never been more important.


Retail is drastically changing and many cannot cope with the speed at which this is happening. Margins have drastically reduced.

Rapid Response International Surveys

the core of our research process is understanding emotional impact & performing research without preconceptions. .

Have an urgent need for survey information? Our service can get you answers from 1,000+ humans within 48 hours from contract day.


We are proven lifestyle branding growth partners. We can help guide, design, and set measurable goals, that jump start the growth you want!


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