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Did you know, in today’s DVR world out-of-home advertising usually provides the best bang for your buck?
22% of the time, consumers reported brand related action responses, purchases, online searches, and social media activity within half an hour of exposure.

Neuro-imagery illustrates when we mostly think of brands, emotions (personal feelings and life experiences) rather than information (brand attributes, features, facts) are used to execute a purchase.

If the above was not true, many brands would have disappeared a long time ago to generics.

Consumer Engagement Survey

Are you positively impacting emotion? we perform out-of-home research

Understanding the impact your out-of-home advertising is of supreme importance. Measuring your Advertising Agency’s success without having a vested interest can give you a realistic picture of your current standing. Many trust their Advertising Agency’s recommendations.

Are they giving you realistic information if they are so vested in you?

Accurate impact measurements are therefore essential. We can define for you how your out-of-home advertising is impacting and provide quantitative and qualitative data to allow you to make forward thinking decisions.

Want to know if your out-of-home advertising is impacting? We can let you know.

Glowint can

• Measure and Analyze audience location

• Provide a picture of how your out-of-home effort is impacting a geographic area

• Help you understand human interaction and how it relates to your brand

• Identify who enjoys you, who doesn’t, and who doesn’t even notice you

• Aggregate your audience



Airports, Bus Stations, Boats, Concerts, Entertainment Venues, Educational Centers, Hospitality and Retail Locations, Rest Areas, Stadiums, Trains…… in Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East, & North America.

Our approach to out-of-home research

In our founder’s words, most companies know what they sell, how they sell, but they don’t know why they sell. Your BRAND personality and lifestyle it invokes.
Many forget their 80/20 and go in directions in which their brand is not known and have no consumer identification.

Marketers have understood out-of-home must invoke passion for the brand to be successful. This category has become one of the most revenue generating avenues in recent years with shortest ROI times.

Our team can be almost anywhere on the planet at a moment’s notice. We love what we do and take pleasure going to just about any corner on the planet to gather data and provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions. One of our regional managers will generally lead a team of locally appointed interviewers, have an understanding for local culture, and ensure expedited results.

Our interviewers become vested in your brands wellbeing and are thoroughly trained on the objectives of the project. Our Regional Manager will micro-manage all efforts regarding data gathering.

You can assist our mutual success by ensuring employees at interview locations are aware about the survey about to be performed. Some of your clients may require our questions be performed at pre-arranged times. The sample size for you’re the survey is determined based on your organization’s needs. No two projects are ever the same.

We may need to start by determining your audience and understand locations’ traffic to determine the pool size.

Sample Process:

1) Listen to your requirements

2) Determine pool size

3) Thoroughly understand the cultural make-up of the location(s) of your advertisement and how it feels before and after your advertisement is viewed

4) Explore your Global, Regional, and Local brand personality vs cultural behaviors

5) Research data you seek on the impact out-of-home advertising

6) Crunch lots of numbers

7) Model brand personality to needs and motivations

8) Research some more

9) Crunch some more numbers

10) Code verbal replies and emotion expressed in surveys to positive and negative emotional brand values

11) Conclude Survey

12) You strategize with your Advertising Agency.


We are proven lifestyle branding growth partners. We can help guide, design, and set measurable goals, that jump start the growth you want!


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