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We love turning even the hardest challenges into opportunities. Do you know what you want, but unsure on how to get there? Are your organizations members vested and empowered to get you there? Do competitors see you as a threat? We believe that strategy and its implementation is the core of your success.

As a leader, you have a vision. You get armed with a great idea and start pulling resources together to create an amazing product. Daily issues and organizational growth may put processes in place which end up distorting visions. Other times, there is an idea but there isn’t really a thought process or structure in place to attain desired growth. We jump start the engine of your business and bring life to dreams.

Our experience tells us that many Fortune 500 and Start-Up organizations have a product oriented mindset. Employees may be looking forward to all day for their shift to end and go home. Others manufacture amazing products and know what they sell and how to sell it. But this does not necessarily translate to memorability, brand loyalty, and return customers which sustain the long-term growth. Owners and managers then get situated into daily reality and complaisant with lack of growth.

 Tweaking product lines, implementing processes, and bettering existing resources create expenses with drastic sales increases that never come.

That’s why we always address at the core of every project and service:

Why should people trust your organization and why should they continue to need your products in their life?

  • Our Strategy Consulting practice takes an immediate, mid, and long-term approach to create sustainable growth.

Our Strategy Consulting practice takes an immediate, mid, and long-term approach to create sustainable growth. 


We are proven lifestyle branding growth partners. We can help guide, design, and set measurable goals, that jump start the growth you want!


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Welcome to Glowint, your branding intelligence partner with a global scale, innovative, and advanced approach to organizational success. 12 years of rich branding history has made Glowint’s background completely invested in the international business world.

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