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We can’t be a global strategic growth company, if we don’t offer translation services. DATA DRIVEN

Translation Services


Marketing, Advertising, and Technical translation service performed by proven linguists in any language.

  • Video Voice Over
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Sales Presentations
  • Technical Specs
  • Financial Reports
  • Product Manuals

Transcreation/ Cultural Adaptation

Involves developing content accounting for local culture. Our marketing consultants work with our translators.

  • Graphics localization
  • Marketing Slogans
  • SEO localization
  • Content
  • Promotions
  • Advertising

Name Evaluation

An amazing name will be your best advertisement. It’s a key to reach your consumers mind and heart.

  • Brand Impact
  • Positioning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Trademark Search
  • Design Guidelines


While we can translate any document, our specialty is in Media, Marketing, and Technical Requirements. Glowint LOVES working on your video scripts, campaigns, technical data sheets, brochures.

Human Support

We are a Digital Company and believe in the power of it. But we are always just a call away.




Cost Effective

Get a translation which appeals to the local audience, without having to re-invent your entire campaign.





Post-completion project support and extensive Quality Assurance



Transcreation Experts

No matter what type of project it is, Glowint makes sure the localized version is as persuasive and visually appealing as the first one.


Fun Fact

12 languages communicate with 80% of the world.

10 languages make up 82% of languages used on the internet.

1st STEP

Send us your original document.

2nd STEP

Receive our Quote in 24/7

3rd STEP

We assign you to the translator which best meets your needs

4th STEP



We are proven lifestyle branding growth partners. We can help guide, design, and set measurable goals, that jump start the growth you want!


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