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Outsourced VP of Sales

    Understanding Your Ideal Client

    Improve Lead Pipeline

    Change Stagnant or Declining Sales

    Improve Sales Mindset

    Add Value for Clients

    Increase Value in the Marketplace

    Capture inter-department 80/20

    Find the right Sales People

    Generate Accountability

    Create Measurable Outcomes

    Optimize Sales Processes

    Align Sales Force with Top Management

    When UAC, a Colombian University with a campus in Miami felt stranded by an inability to penetrate US market, GLOWINT’s Outsourced Vice President of Sales crafted and implemented the Change in Management plan. Recruitment of Academic Staff with experience at prestigious organizations, partnerships with key stakeholders, a hyper-focus on becoming Miami’s best business school, coupled Digital Marketing implementation crafted parameters for the future.

    We teach your team to think and perform like owners by creating their own value. Such attitude shift will keep them going the extra mile.

    In a world that is shifting so rapidly, creating disruption requires an appropriate mindset

    GLOWINT’s Outsourced Vice President of Sales will provide your team with:

    Identifying the ideal Client.

    Finding the Irresistible Offer

    Shift to Over Deliver Mindset

    What will be the outcome?

    A plan will stay as a plan unless all stakeholders in your organizations adhere to commitments. GLOWINT will optimize your sales process to ensure you spend time in what matters most and away from distractions

    * A roadmap with measurable outcomes.
    * Restructure key positions as required with a team member chart.
    * Revised sales quotas as agreed with team.
    * Client erosion report and margin calculators.
    * Financial forecast.
    * Description of responsibilities for each member in your team.
    * A growth plan built with your sales team.
    * Your very own sales playbook.
    * Sales process optimization.
    * Short- and long-term objectives.
    * Review or implementation of your Customer Relationship Management CRM system.
    Sales Management
    * Review current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) structure if present
    * Execute a customized tool for your needs.
    * Identify mindset and a sales system of measurement to a generate growth.
    * Team wide forecasting with sales team commitments.
    * Value Identification and Implementation tools.
    Sales Team
    * Review current job descriptions
    * Motivate team growth.
    * Visualize potential commission income by team member.
    * Implement onboarding plan.
    * Set clear expectations.
    * Recruit team as needed.

    WHY US?

    We are proven lifestyle branding growth partners. We can help guide, design, and set measurable goals, that jump start the growth you want!


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